Saturday, February 13, 2010

almost like Narnia

This is just a shot from out my front door this morning. It was lovely in a very unusual way, trees covered in this fluffy snow and beautiful looking. I wish i could have gotten a shot of the country, it was even more lovely, everything that could be was covered in this sparkling snow, but i had to drive my sick pet rabbit Zack to the vet. He's got kidney troubles, so i've been very worried about him and spending most of my time taking care of him. Anyway, this made for a very pretty, if not very bright drive as the sun started coming out as i left. It didn't last long though as once the sun did come out, it all melted or fell off the trees.

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Jacob said...

You caught this scene at the perfect time. Very lovely! Sorry about your bunny, though. Hope it's OK.