Monday, August 20, 2007


This is a bowl on my deck. We had finally gotten rain after the big drought, lots of it actually. Not as much as south of here like down by Winona and LaCrosse, which got about 11 inches in a twenty four hour period. I really like how the raindrop got caught here. I was watching the huge drops actually make the level of the water in the bowl go down, the drops hit with such force that it made more water splash out than went in.


travelphilippines said...

congratulation that it have rain in your town already. same here in the philippines after a few weeks of dry spell 3 typhoon have pass by. lord still love his people.

Dina said...

It's nice to have rain after so much heat . I love the smell of the rain. Here in Malta we still have to wait a while for rain. We still have hot humid weather that makes us go to the beach every single day.

I love the pumpkin photo, will you show us when the pumpkin is all ready ?

Zannnie said...

Very nice post and truly describes how much rain you are getting there!
The words describes it so well..