Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dry front yard

Wow, look at that lush yard. This is what a drought looks like. I've been unable to properly water my lawn as i have some plumbing problems i still need fixed, and as of a few days ago there is a ban on watering your lawn. The city well has dropped to very low levels, and we have had almost no rain this summer. There were two thunderstorms yesterday, lots of thunder and lightning, but the heavy rain seems to have missed here a bit. I don't know how close to a record this is, but it's pretty bad. All the big rains have gone too far north or south of here to help much.


lv2scpbk said...

Wow, that is dry. No green grass at all. We have some green on ours and some dry spots.

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Anonymous said...

Basically it is the same here in southern Ohio (north of Dayton) where we live. Dry as a bone. I have watered plants and flowers I don't want to die. I have not been able to water the large trees. Our grass has some green spots here and there but we are in a three month drought.

I would say, "Nice Photo," but dead grass don't look so neat.

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