Friday, June 1, 2007

View out of bedroom window

I had missed that today was theme day, and just found out yesterday that the theme was to take a picture out of your bedroom window. Even though it's not offically one of the theme day posts, i thought i would take a picture of that. That's what i see out of my bedroom, if i took it to the left more all you would see would be trees, so i aimed it more towards the right where you can see my backyard and the apartment building behind me. It's very overcast today so that's why the sky looks white. I had taken pictures out of the front windows before, the lightning picture is what i see out the front of my house, so this is the other side.


isabella said...

Looks pretty private...for those times when you fire up your grill ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks very nice to me. I like the privacy you seem to have.


Today, I published a nest photograph and some details about its construction; and a link to some dead birds with an explanation. Oh; and thanks for coming to my blog and leaving comments. I do appreciate it.

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lv2scpbk said...

Looks like you have a nice view.