Monday, June 18, 2007

injured squirrel

I saw this squirrel on my deck eating, it looked like his hand was crushed or pinched in something, It has gotten swollen and red since i first saw him, but lately it seemed to have gone down a little. I tried to go out and catch him so i could take him to my vet who treats wild animal injuries for free, but when i would slowly open the door it ran off pretty fast. He (or she, i have no idea) can run pretty well for not using the one hand to run or climb, so he's hard to catch. I could use a safe trap to get him, but the odds are i would keep catching other ones or other animals. The last time i talked to the vet about a wild animal that i had seen injured in my yard, they said that as long as they are eating and can out run you, they are probably doing well enough to not need the stress of being caught and the possible surgery they would need. I still feel sorry for the little guy though and want to help.

I've been bad about posting, i know. I'm going to work better on this, and not be so hard on myself for it being the same day photograph, just the general time of year. It's been hard every day to get out and think of things to photograph, sometimes not feeling good or creative, but some days i go crazy taking photos.

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RamblingRound said...

You got a really good closeup. Hope the squirrel gets better.