Thursday, July 12, 2012

First day of River Falls Days

Today was the first day of River Falls Days, and there was a damper on the mood, at least it felt like it. I've been seeing the news van above in town over the past few days. Sadly though, not to report on the event, but a much more tragic event. A father of three girls had murdered all of them and then turned himself over to police. On tuesday i was at the local clinic getting things checked up on, and as i left, i saw basically every emergency vehicle going that way. Not knowing what happened at the time, i commented that something bad must have happened, but i had no idea how bad. I never really expected River Falls to become news, it's a pretty quiet town, with the occasional drunk violence incident that always seems to happen with college towns, but i never expected this sort of thing. When i told people where i live, most would mention the college, having gone here or known someone who did. Now i worry that this is what people will think of.

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