Thursday, November 10, 2011

Culture Fest 2011

Last night was Culture Fest at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, and it seems like they got the word out, it was pretty packed. Not standing room only, as there were a few seats, but a whole lot more than the last time i went. I took a lot of photos and it will take a while to get through them as i also have either a pretty bad cold or that flu that's going around, didn't feel so hot last night either, but glad i made it. This was one of the groups that really impressed me, doing the second of the girls performances. So while not in chronological order, it's one of my favorites just quickly looking at the photos. The program described them as "Asian Media Access Dance", although the MCs described them as a group front the Twin Cities of Hmong dancers, of various ages. Sadly, my brain wasn't all there, and i have completely forgotten their actual name. I'll try to find it out later, though.

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