Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't give up

Good advice. This is part of a poem on the White Pathway in the park by the power plant. It's pretty faded, very hard to read in some spots, but as i was walking i looked down and saw this. I have no idea what the whole poem is, but this struck me. You've probably noticed not as many posts for a while there. Besides not really seeing anything to photograph in town, and not feeling too inspired or positive about things. Trying to break out of that, doing better some days than others though.

Unrelated to this, i think i have werewolves outside, or a stray dog. Being near a full moon, it really freaked me out sitting here in my kitchen, and hearing this really freaky howling outside. More than likely a dog, as since the humane society was closed, strays or loose dogs tend to go for longer, but i've also seen foxes and a bear at one point, so who knows if it's not a wild animal. I'm not feeling brave enough to go out in the dark and see, i turned on outside lights, but couldn't see. Still, pretty freaky.

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lewi14 said...

It must be the slogan of my life.