Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Dream" house

Since the weather was nice out today, i decided to drive around and try and get some photos. I also had my holga lens on my digital camera, and yes i do get a funny kick about using something so cheap on something high tech. I also came across my dream house, or at least one version of it. In the woods, off the main roads, is this awesome structure. Not sure how well you can tell, but there is a main house to the left, and what was probably a barn and a silo that has been 'altered'. There is a room on top of a silo, and a barn that seems to be finished so it is weather proof. I am so curious what it's like in there, and the view from the room on the silo. I'm sure they get tons of comments on it, so i doubt i will ever get up the courage to ask them. Still, if i ever win the lottery, or get stinking rich, this is probably what my house will look like.

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