Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween - Boo!

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it. Since it's halloween, i thought i would post a scary picture i took in my kitchen. Giant spider eating a giant fly is pretty scary, and since i recently watched The Mist, spiders were on my mind. Okay, i admit, these aren't giants, actually very, very small, as you might be able to tell from the window screen they are on. Spiders are scary, but also pretty fascinating when seen up close like this. I wish i could have gotten footage of it stalking the fly, that was amazing. It slowly moved step by step, towards the fly, and then jumped with a string of web attached to the screen. The spider got bigger and bigger as time went on, and after a while it stashed the fly in a corner wrapped in web. I have no clue what type of spider this is, other than a jumping one, and very, very small. The creepiest thing about spiders to me? It's eyes. So many and in odd spots, yikes.

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Hilda said...


Fantastic macro though! And your description of the hunt is fascinating. I would have enjoyed watching it too.

We don't really celebrated Halloween in the Philippines, but Happy Halloween anyway! :)