Friday, February 27, 2009

Lots of snow

This was taken yesterday out my front door, during what one weatherman called "thunder-snow". The camera could see better than i could, the snow was coming down so hard. A bit south of here there were thunderstorms, but here we just got snow with some lighting and thunder behind it. In the short time it snowed so hard, it seemed to drop around six to eight inches here (at least that deep on my legs). Thankfully it's sunny today, and hopefully no more snow. 


MJ said...

Thankfully, all this snow missed us down in SE Wisconsin, but we did get a treacherous frosting of ice on everything. Sun has melted it now :-) Stay warm!

Jacob said...

Oh sister, who lives north of Eau Claire will be coming to visit in Florida if that keeps up. Great photo.

brattcat said...

What a dramatic storm. Hang in there. It's March. Someday you'll see green grass again.

Alice said...


how goes it?

so you have how many house bunnies? and you don't have bails of hay just laying around all willy nilly???

how ever do you manage?

smiles to you,