Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas lights

This is my first attempt at getting a good picture of some of the Christmas lights in town, i took this last night, and it was very cold at 9F (-13C) so i may have rushed it a little. I drove around looking for the most interesting ones, but was having a hard time, the cold was distracting and i was starting to get a headache. So i cut it short. I hope to get out and get several of the displays. The colored lights make the grey of winter, with snow and no leaves on the trees, more interesting and bearable.


Anonymous said...

Very nice photo. I have never tried this night time shooting since I left Japan and Tri-X film behind. I like your photo though and it doesn't look rushed. It looks good.

We are having similar temps. It is also freezing rain now.

tfangel said...

You have the same camera I used it seems from what you post, but much better lenses and much more talent and skill, so i'm sure yours would be better. I'm still learning and trying longer exposures, and thought the lights on the snow could be nice.

Olivier said...

Je te souhaite un JOYEUX NOEL et te propose de venir chanter Noel sur mon DP BLOG D'EVRY. Bonnes FĂȘtes.

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and invites you to come sing on my DP Noel D'EVRY BLOG. Happy Holidays.