Thursday, April 8, 2010

International Bazaar 2010 - banquet room

Here is the banquet room where the food was served. The people would come in the doors at the far end, wind around to get food from various countries; kal-bi from Korea, meat stewed from Taiwan, beef or chicken satay from Malaysia, egg rolls from China, chicken tandoori flat bread from India, jellof from Nigeria, oyako donburi from Japan, poutine from Canada, chicken tortilla soup from Mexico, irio from Kenya, kisir from Turkey, vegemite sandwich from Austrailia, honey braised cabbage from Germany, potato pancakes from Germany.

Prepaid tickets were $7 for the public, $3 students, and at the door they were $10 for the public and $5 for students. I saw what seemed to be more non-students there, but i could just be viewing it differently. Again here you can tell how few people seemed to know or come. There was still a bit of people going through the food line, but it seems they expected more than showed up. I do think and hope that was just part of not advertising well enough. Not really sure how you can get the word out about this more in such a small town with a paper that is only out once a week, but something is being done wrong i think.

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